Ayam Kremes

imageHari ini lagi ngidam banget ayam kremes & ayam penyet gara2 ngeliat nasi box rapat ayam penyet kuah kari haha. Ini ga tau bener apa ga tapi emang keliatannya ayam penyet.. Lagi asik mikir2, kira2 besok makan ayam kremes dimana ya.. Ada es teller 77, ayam penyet di KL Sentral, ayam penyet di klcc.. Tapi ternyata ada ayam kremes baru! Dan setelah liat ayam kremes ini jadi geli.. 😂😂


Greeting Card from The Manager

Waaaa I learnt something today when i just arrived in this hotel.

Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it.

-Ralph Marston-

I received an appreciation letter on the dining table from the manager together with fruit basket & a box of chocolate.


And they also upgrade my room to suite room with sea view.. Oh yes, with 5 bottles of mineral water too! I really love to stay in this hotel!


Everytime i go to kota kinabalu, i always stay at Le Meridien Hotel Kota Kinabalu… This was also the place where Ryanti learnt how to walk in the hotel’s crib, how Ryanti crawled from the full carpet floor to the sofa, and swimming in the pool..

This hotel is very accesible to filipino market, fish market (wet market), suria sabah mall, city point mall, etc.. Near the hotel there’s spa salon where i had a massage too!

So anytime you come to Kota Kinabalu, this hotel is waiting for you! Further info, please Visit Le Meridien hotel

Cheers! Thanks for visiting my blog! 😉

Nasi Lemak & Energized Soy Protein Drink! So tasty

Good Morning,

Now i am at Kuala Lumpur International Airport waiting for my flight to Kota kinabalu.. yow, i arrived 4hours early!
-__-“. I will have meeting at KK tomorrow..

This morning my husband took me to KL sentral to check in & drop baggage at Malaysia Airlines counter. Then i ride KLIA express to KLIA. Thanks honeykoh!

Mebbe it’s because this week is a long holiday, so the flight is so full and the train as well! Huhu Good thing i didnt bring my daughter to go with me..

Anyway, if you plan to go to Kuala Lumpur from the airport, there are some options:

1. Airport Taxi (buy voucher at d airport)
2. Bus
3. KLIA express train


The most convenient alternative is Taxi if you bring lots of luggages. But if you have plenty of time, not in a rush travel, bus is a good choice – it will only take 1 hour from KLIA to KL sentral. Cost around RM9. For me KLIA express train is the preferred choice because it has free 4G wifi on board and travel time only 28mins! The cost is RM35 for single trip. I can update & download new apps during the trip.. Hehehe =)


If you visit Malaysia, dont forget to try their Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik. This is what i have for brekkie this morning at KLIA! It’s so tasty..


Okai, enough for the calories intake.. Now it’s the time to drink ESP (energized soy protein) from Shaklee!


Why this soy-based drink is very good for your health:

– Naturally low in fat
– Cholesterol free
– Replete with all essential amino acids.

When i was breastfeeding my daughter, i took 2 glasses of ESP mixed with fresh juice every day. The result was breastmilk production increased and i lost weight!

ESP is also good for diabetic!

And the super goodnews is ESP already available in indonesia! Yay!

Please send email to cs@shantyshaklee.com for enqueries & place order. Delivery throughout indonesia is available.

Ok, time to window shopping at KLIA!


Hiatus is over!


Finally i am back to blogging world again after more than 3 years!

There are some updates that i will share to you all.. Just a refreshing to start write up again.. Hihi

First, finally i am married with my ex-long distance relationship boyfriend namely Mas Ganteng (Gyahahaha).. We’ve been married since April 2011, just right after 1 year i work in Malaysia.. Hihihi.. Now we live happily in Kuala Lumpur with 20months old daughter & currently we are expecting the second daughter insya Allah!

Please introduce our beautiful daughter, Siti Sophia Ryanti Ganado!



There are some updates to come including my new online business!


The Weekenders

Multitasking on the weekend

1. Butter scotch bread, just had 4 slices for today breakfast.. 🙂
2. YouTube playlist : Justin Bieber, One less lonely girl.. 😛
3. Office’s Laptop: Making money for PETRONAS.. yay!
4. Hot Lipton Tea: Headache relief
5. One of the important task out of 3 tasks to do today ~ Mid Year Review.. 😀

Still survive how to manage my time wisely, and optimize my day every single day. Heuheuheu..

How you spend your time is more important than how you spend your money. Money mistakes can be corrected, but time is gone forever. (David Norris)

How was your weekend? 🙂