Classic love songs

Just recall my memory for sweet songs during my “up and down” time.. Somehow, listening to these songs always make me feel better.. 🙂 *emo*

1. Brian McKnight – Back at one

you’re the only one for me..

2. Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven

i must be strong and carry on.. coz i know, i dont belong here in heaven..

3. N’sync – This i promise you

Over and over I fall, When I hear you call..
Without you in my life baby, I just wouldn’t be living at all…

4. Backstreet Boys – Drowning

every time i breath i take you in.. and my heart beats again. baby keep me drowning in your love..

5. Blue – Best in me

You bring out the best in me like none else can do!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.. miss my filipino.. 😦

6. Michael Buble – Everything

your everything..

7. Jason Mraz – I am yours

i try to be chill but your so hot that i melted..

8. Kate Perry – Thinking of you

when i am with him, i am thinking of you..

9. Fergie – Big girls dont cry

I am gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket..

10. The Corrs – All the love in the world

i need someone who really sees me..

and one of my favorite singer ever:


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