Twilight Eclipse

I know it’s kinda too late to watch Twilight New moon lastnite. Finally i could download the movie from for free, no ads, no virus. So Happy!

I never read the books because i dont like horror movies. Although Ryan was telling me about the first movie but i just kept it on my mind. Until, that time, when my housemate gave me the last movie that she had after my convocation, i started fall in love with this movie- The Twilight Saga movies are so great, romantic and not scary at all.

The third movie Twilight Saga : Eclipse will be launched on 30th June. Thanks God, i found this trailer at So at least, before i go for out station to another state (My flight is tonite but im still busy browsing about Twilight, Edward n Bella), my curiosity about Bella and Edward just revealed.

PS: I know it’s not my business, but Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Tell Oprah They’re Dating? *sob sob sob*,,20367611,00.html

Lets watch the final trailer guys!


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