Coaching Spirit

Be a leader and aspire people.

Well, have you watched steve jobs’ speech at Stanford University in 2005?

To be frank, Steve jobs is really inspiring me in terms of value creation and making a happy life. His speech is so true and i also feel the same ways. Especially for death. “Everybody wants to go to heaven but none wants to die”, he said. Funny but true. Some quotations from him also can be found in a good book titled Inside Steve Jobs’s brain. Must have book..

Another motivational speech is from Oprah Winfrey when she was giving commencement at Stanford University in 2008.

I love the way she delivered the message behind the story. She is really a good presenter and also inspiring people around her.

To sum up this post, actually i really want to buy Iphone 32 GB 3 GS, but the price is too expensive. At the mean time, i’ll save some money to buy it later on and find out how this gadget can be a trendsetter these days. Ipad is another choice, but i prefer Iphone 3GS. 🙂

What i found from the inside steve brain’s book is Steve jobs has long term vision in his life. Make an impact to people around the world. Every invention that he created isnt not a matter of just creating something and selling it to the market, but more to give value or benefit to people from his product. The goal market is not only in his country, but throughout the world.

Bravo Steve Jobs!

PS: I want to have this phone so bad.. 🙂



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