Birthday Gift for My Mom

Birthday gift for Ibu

This Master of Science is dedicated for my beloved parents, esp my father in Heaven. I believe you are staying with Allah now, Papa. You are always my inspiration. I Love You..


Alhamdulillah.. it’s over now. I passed the MSc defense presentation on 22th Jan 10 after being postponed two times. Thanks a lot for your prayers, friends.. I am FREE now. YAY!!! 😀

I would like to say thank you to AP Dr Patthi Hussain, AP Dr Puteri Sri Melor and AP Dr Faiz Ahmad as Supervisors Team. Also for Prof Dr M. Nor Berhan, AP Dr Othman Mamat and AP Dr Ahmed Maher as the external examiner, internal examiner and chairman, respectively.

The examiners and chairman

Alhamdulillah.. At the same time, i got a job in Malaysia. Allah grants my wish to work in an oil company as expatriate. Subhanallah.. This is what i called a dream come true.

Insya Allah i will start working in the middle of February, Kuala Lumpur based. Currently i am still busy to find a good condominium to stay and also moving my things from Tronoh to Kuala Lumpur.. Thanks to Akak Sheila for providing me the transportation. (PS: If you have any information regarding the condo, please let me know.. I prefer a condo at Ampang and muslim housemates).

Anyways, two of some resolutions in 2010 were achieved. I am looking for forward to achieve many great achievements in the near future. Amiin ya Rabb..

Ya Rabb, ridhoilah semua yang kau berikan padaku.. Jadikan semua amalan di dunia ini sebagai pemberat timbangan di akhirat kelak. Amiin.

“Buktikan kesungguhan harapan dengan doa. Doa dengan usaha. Usaha dengan keseriusan. Allah tak suka yang berpangku tangan. Dia suka bekerjasama.” – Quraish Shihab

PS: Thank you for khumbre for always being my shoulder to cry on, never left me behind and always support me. Last but not least, thank you for proof reading my thesis. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Birthday Gift for My Mom

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  2. salam kenal ya sama saya bloger tangerang, saya baca artikelnya sepertinya lagi kangen sama seseorang, kalo ke tangerang kontak saya ya

  3. Congratulation Chrysanti, your mother must be proud of you. We think it was great gift for your mom. We are gratefully thank you if you can put our blog in your blogroll as reference to find best gift for your mom’s next birthday.

    Thank you so much 😛

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