I heart Saykoji


I really love this song. Saykoji could express how he hates a copy cat and put them all into a good song, Copy My Style.This song is a respond to Malaysian rapper named Joe Farizal who copied their lyric. He just created another trouble with Indonesia.

Dear Malaysia,

What’s happened with you?

BTW, my condolence for all Earth Quake victim in Indonesia. The quake with a magnitude of 7.4, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, struck a while ago and could be felt by residents in the capital Jakarta, as well as in the nearby city of Bandung, Sukabumi and in the town Yogyakarta in central Java. The worth place is in Ciganjur, west java.

Lets be a trendsetter not be a follower.


24 thoughts on “I heart Saykoji

  1. Iya nih mbak shanty,
    Gempa sempat bikin panik kita2 yang ketika itu masih ada di kantor. walhasil panik banget dan bikin kita rush menuju tangga darurat.

    Gempa benar-benar terasa mengguncang.

    Salam dari Jakarta!

  2. Indonesian rescue workers have pulled bodies from village homes buried in a landslide triggered by a powerful earthquake.

    The tremor killed at least 57 people and severely damaged more than 10,000 buildings across West Java.

    At least 110 people were hospitalized with injuries from Wednesday’s quake, centered just off the coast of the densely populated island, Disaster Management Agency spokesman Priyadi Kardono said. Ten were in critical condition.

    More than 24,800 homes, offices, schools and mosques were damaged, about 10,000 seriously by the 7.0 magnitude tremor.

    In the village of Cikangkareng, villagers were searching for more than 30 friends and relatives listed as missing and feared dead.


  3. pertanyaan sama ma Quinie.. ada reaksi ga dari orang malaysia di sana tentang ‘situasi yang agak panas’ dengan Indonesia..?

    di sini katanya anak2 malaysia yang daftar kuliah di Undip ditolak.. di kampus pengaruh ga Shan ?

    btw.. Shanty lagi sibuk ya.. biasanya dah update lagi.. moga thesisnya lancar..

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