New Wave Winner 2009

Just Another Singing Contest..

International Competition Of Young Singers of Popular Music the ” New Wave” has become an important event in international music arena. Live concerts of the “New Wave” on central channels attracts millions of spectators , attention of the most famous journalists and media as well as fans, who become addicted to the event and support the competitors with all their hearts.

We should be proud because Indonesia won the first place!

Do u know him?

The winners are..

1 st Place :

Sandhy Sondoro (Indonesia) and Jamala (Ukraine)

2nd Place :

Antello Carozza (Italy)

3rd Place:

Mark Yusim (Russia)

4th Place & Fav Audience:

Aija Andrejeva (Latvia)

5th Place:

Lika (Georgia)

Special Award : Golden Star

Milla Niticha (Ukraine)

Standing Applause for Sandhy Sandoro. Indonesian male who has amazing voice.

If you wanna hear the amazing voice, please check this out:


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