Inspiring Books

Good Afternoon Guys!
I am so happppppy… I got two new inspiring books from my lecturer of Corrosion subject and 1 book of my favorite subject from another lecturer, all for free. Yay!! They’re so kind and really know my interest. 🙂

Thank you Prof. Mochtar Che and Prof. Puteri.. your so kind.. Kalian tahu yang kumau. Luar Biasa.. 😛

H1N1 Prevention

H1N1 Prevention

He gave me:
1. Comic Book : Searching For The Truth (A dialogue Islam-Christianity) by Persatuan Ulama Malaysia.
2. Islam, The Misunderstood Religion by Dr. Danial Zainal Abidin. “Differences can’t be avoided in this world. What is important is not the differences, but how to tolerate and manage them“.

She gave me:

Comprehensive Book

Comprehensive Book

I really need this book for next week tutorial with Students from Chemical Department. This book is thinner than Callister and using simple words. The students must be happy and more excited to learn material science since many colourful figures and easy to understand. Hopefully the students will get flying color for this subject.


Up to now, the total swine flu suspect in UTP is 73 students, with 11 students are positive swine flu. The university will close the campus if the suspect reach 100 students. So, anyone wants to be a volunteer? 😛 *kidding*


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