Still Remember Me?

Halooo.. u know what? If there is the most beautiful, peaceful and great place on earth? I want to come back to this place again someday..

Ramadhan Month is almost coming and it makes my mind flying to my every year dream (unfortunately i culdnt fulfil my dream again this year.. 😦 ) : Fasting and also Celebrating Idul Fitri at Masjidil Haram with my family. Alhamdulillah, Allah had given a chance for me and family to visit Madinah and Mecca for umrah last July 2007.

The most peaceful place on earth

The most peaceful place on earth

Allaahumma-Rzuqniy Fa-innaka Khayru-r-raaziqiyn
(Allah, provide for me for surely you are the best of providers)

Yeah, Allah makes me wealthy! 🙂

PS :


Tomorrow is Isra Mi’raj, 27 rajab.  ISRA wal-Mir’Raj means the Night of the Ascent. It was on this blessed night that the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him (PBUH), was spiritually transported to heaven and reached a high stage of nearness to God Almighty.

This video is so awesome! Please watch this :

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalamin..

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16 thoughts on “Still Remember Me?

  1. tapi ramadhan sebentar lagi.
    Sem0ga ramadhan ini bisa jadi titik bagi kita untuk memperbaiki segala amal ibadah, memperkuat keimanan serta mempertebal ketakwaan.

  2. ofcourse I remember you! I’ll never forget about you hehhe.met hari Isra miraj sis.Di sini malah biasa-biasa aja hehehe.I’m afraid lama-lama akan di tenggelamkan oleh budaya barat!

  3. huaaa… pengeeennn… hiks….
    beruntungnya mbak chrysanti dah umroh ke sana. semoga undangan untuk hajj segera datang padamu sis 🙂
    semoga suatu saat Allah swt juga mengundangku ke sana… together with my mom and dad.. amiiinn… minta doanya ya mbak 🙂

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