Ticket hunter story..

As a good student who always putting knowledge into practice, especially for Economic subject. I try to get the best product with the lowest price..

As a wise girl, i always find the cheapest airplane fare to go to Indonesia during the semester break therefore i still can save some money for my future..

As a fast learning person, i get used to be a ticket hunter.. rushing with time and within minutes the fare price could be higher or lower. Depends on your luck!

So, cant u guess what was my reaction when i saw Promotion banner at Airasia website? It said the school break promotion to several destination was started from 49RM~140ribu rupiah.. normally, the normal price is around 150-200RM to from KL to JKT, one way ticket. OMG, today was the latest promotion day.. i said to myself last month.

Actually, why i need a cheap price is because i already bought ticket for lebaran on Sept using my favorite airline, Malaysia Airlines. Just for the sake of my future, i should go to Jakarta again on October.

I should go hurry otherwise i should pay in higher amount of money. Before did this, i already checked other airlines websites: Malaysia airlines and KLM. But they did not have any promotion yet for month July- October and also for lebaran.

The ticket hunter was working.. chose the best rate, click.. click and click!

After some failed booking processes, finally i paid the ticket for October, I got 176,5RM (529500 rupiah) for return ticket.. Just in time! i booked at the end of the promotion day, end of May. Alhamdulillah.. I am lucky again.

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me if AIRASIA fare ticket to jakarta is 0 RM. ZERO Ringgit loorrrr! Wow.. another promotion from air asia.. Balik Kampung, all in fares. After i checked, the total price for return ticket KL to Jakarta is only 80RM!! For the same date, the same time.

huakakakakakkakak, I missed it!

Quotes of the day :

Keep your friend close and your enemies closer. President Obama said that he “strengthens our hand” by reaching out to enemies of the United States and making sure that the nation is a leader, not a lecturer, of democracy. He will learn more from his enemies than he will from his supporters.

Your enemy is your friend, your friend is your enemy.

Swami Sivananda

Happy Thursday everyone!


23 thoughts on “Ticket hunter story..

  1. aku juga kalo mo jalan2 mesti liat-liat waktu kalo ada promosi harga tiket. pernah juga sih mengalami kejadian spt itu, udah beli tiekt yang kita pikir udah sangat murah, eh ternyata ada lagi yang dapat jauh lebih murah. untung2an gitu

  2. Woww..You are Lucky for get the lowest price of Ticket..

    Hhmm….How the study in there, because the relationship of Indo-Malay is to be hot…

    I hope everything fine…. 🙂

    Best Regard From Bocahbancar……

  3. Hi, my wife past away almost two years ago, she was American, The woman I am dating and has given me a reason to live and go on is a pinay… She is a real special woman very kind hearted and loving…

  4. Boleh dong kalau dapet yaNG murah,….

    makasih yah udah koment di blog aku.

    KPI memberikan teguran pada program Dahsyat (RCTI) yang ditayangkan pada 1 Mei lalu pukul 09.00 karena pembawa acara mengucapkan kata-kata vulgar yang tidak pantas disiarkan di televisi.

  5. Good news everyone, i found a site where you can easily research AirAsia ticket price for the next 15 days to find their economy promo ticket. You just need to input the departure date, origin and destination and press search. The result will show 15 days airfare prices for the route in one single page, including the departure hour and flight number.

    Check it out at: http://www.unique-stuff.co.cc/find_cheap_airasia_flight.html

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