Short Story from Mount Pulag, Philippines

Phinoy and Phinay Mountainer

Phinoy and Phinay Mountaineers

Yesterday, from 11-14 June 2009 around 80 mountaineers from some companies was climbing Mt Pulag, Philippines. Mount Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines, next to Mount Apo (2,956 meters) and Mount Dulang-Dulang (2,938 meters), making it the highest in Luzon with over 2,922 meters above sea level.

Ryan was one of the participant of the first annual freedom climb and also for celebrating the Independence Day last week. The interesting part was when he walked on the sea cloud!!WOW… i wish i could join you dear! Here’s report from Philippines. Please enjoy Ryan’s live report..

We arrived at the entrance of Mt. Pulag national park at 7:00am, and then we registered first at the ranger station then proceed with the ascent. The trekking took us 3hrs from the ranger camp up to the camp site. The photo where you can see pine tree is the campsite. The temperature that day was not that cold compared to our first climb, as you can see I’m not wearing any jacket yet. Although at around 5:00pm it started to chill and I need to wear some warm clothes on. It’s difficult to cook food so we only ate noodles to survive the night. At night also the rain started to pour, and winds seems like it will turn-over our tents.

campsiteAt 4am, in the morning, we woke up to start the ascent to the mountain summit – it would take us around approximately 1hr to reach it. Mt. Pulag is known for its magnificent 360 degree view of the whole area of Kabayan Benguet. As the highest mountain in Luzon, Mt. Pulag attracts a lot of mountain climbers. Highlights of the climb include the montane forests and the grassland summit with its “sea of clouds” phenomenon. We also climb there to because we joined the freedom climb event.

real phinoy

real phinoy

Mountaineers from all over the country will be organizing the biggest celebration of Independence Day for Mountaineers and cleanup / tree planting operation done simultaneously. This is where groups and individuals from different walks will gather and unite as one for this occasion. The 1st. Annual Freedom Climb is a tribute climb to the Filipino heroes in commemoration of their struggle and gallantry to fight for our freedom. This kind of event has never been done before and what motivates us from achieving this is our passion for the sport. Our mountains played a major role during the war. Basically, it provided them refuge which gave them strategic advantage over their enemies. As Mountaineers, we are taking this opportunity to celebrate Independence Day and bring it right where the action is during the war.

Ryan on the summit of Mount Pulag

Ryan on the summit of Mount Pulag

The plan is to simultaneously raise the Philippine Flag on The 13th of June at exactly 8:00am. There will be 40 mountain summits, 40 contingents composed of different mountaineering organizations, 40 flags and 30 photos to be included in the Mountaineering Photo Exhibit This July-August. This will also serve as a unifying cause for mountaineers to work together in promoting environmental awareness.

the leaders from other groups wearing the barong tagalog to commerate our heroes during the spanish era.

the leaders from other groups wearing the barong tagalog to commerate our heroes during the spanish era.

Anyways, My dear is a mountaineer but i never climbed any mountain before.. He offered me to climb Kinabalu mountain at Borneo, but i only said..

I’ll wait you at the airport, dear! lols.

Magandang Gabi, people! πŸ™‚

PS : Kita punya ga sih acara seperti ini di Indonesia?


37 thoughts on “Short Story from Mount Pulag, Philippines

  1. Wow! I want to return to that mountain, but next time I’ll bring with me the author of this blog πŸ™‚

    Miss you dear.. Start practicing now – practice at KK, hihihi. *peace*

  2. Cool! ok, I don’t understand the last words, but damn I wish I could climb a mountain, too. What an awesome experience.
    p.s. What kind of noodles? I’m guessing ramen!

  3. kalo di blogger sih gue dapet dari
    lengkap deh tuh cara2nya modif blog,sist..
    emang sama ya sama WP??

    Herzlichen Gluckwunsh!

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