Life begins for us all with nothing but love,
so perfect and full, that is given from above.
Then each of our paths differs from another
as we learn about love from a father and mother,
from brothers and sisters, family and friends.
In a world where nothing lasts we find love never ends.
So we travel a path searching for a perfect love
to share, like that which we receive from above.
It is truly a blessing when true love grows,
forming a union between two kindred souls.
And now that path leads us to a moment like this,
when a perfect love is pledged and sealed with a kiss.

Wedding Song Lyrics : A Perfect Love –

Insya Allah, kawan baik saya akan menikah minggu depan tanggal 7 Juni 2009 di Jakarta.. Uuuyyy!!! Dia akan menikahi gadis pujaannya waktu SMA. Kira-kira hampir nyerempet crita di Cintapuccino deh.

My buddy is getting married.. Yay! Here’s my photo with him early 2009 at Jakarta.

Saya bersama sahabat, Arie..

Saya bersama sahabat, Arie..

Im going home to Jakarta.. Yattaaaaa… πŸ™‚


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