i do love Whooga Ugg Boots!

Last night, my boyfriend told me if he will come to see my mom and family at Jakarta, Indonesia on October! Yattaaaaaaa… *blushing* . Insya Allah yah sayang.. where is our next vacation dear?

Actually he just visited me here at Malaysia last April. We really had so much fun. We went to some Malls, played bowling at Ampang Park, eat some Malaysian Food, bought souvernirs at China Town and Central Market, and of course, had fun at the most attractive place : Genting Highlands.

Snow World - Genting High Land
Snow World – Genting High Land

To enter the snow world area, beside we have to pay for some amount of money, if im not mistaken it’s around 30RM, and we also have to wear proper dress and shoes. Unfortunately, my boots was not that fit to me.. it’s hard. i rent the boots, though..

At that time, I only wish i culd have one pairs of  Ugg Boots. It’s so comfortable and beautiful..

Pink weave boots
Pink weave boots

hihihi.. this pink boots is so cute, isnt it? they also have some different colours and style of their boots. I like this brand because the high grade merino sheepskin leather, double stitching and an inner lining that is both extremely lush and cushy.

The website also says To ensure your sheepskin boots keep your toes extremely warm without sweating we utilize only premium grade Australian merino sheepskin prized for its natural thermostatic benefits. The inner fleece circulates warm air around your feet while also removing moisture and odor. This bed of warm air will keep your feet comfortable in temperatures as low as -30 degrees.

Waaaaa.. Get me one pairs, pleasee…. *wink*

I wish i can win this competition to get free Ugg boots..

ugg boots

What are you waiting for? Lets join the competition.. Wish us luck! 🙂


22 thoughts on “i do love Whooga Ugg Boots!

  1. Wow! that seemed a great time for you and your Boyfriend. how exactly can you win this? i’d like to help.

    You’ve got a nice boyfriend. goodluck with both of you.

    • wow.. that’s a very kind of you, Marlon! Actually i dont know how to win this competition.. lols. They didnt mention the tips and tricks to be a winner (s)..

      hmmm… do u know one of the person from this company? maybe u can help me by this way.. ehehehehe. *peace*

  2. Actually, unfortunately i don’t know anyone from the company. I was looking for that too, i went to the website to see the mechanics on how to win but I didn’t find any, let me know though. lols!

  3. I am not thinking about that boots cause I don’t need it yet…I just imagine how wonderful to spend our time with our boy friend.. 🙂

    btw..thanks for visiting my blog.. keep our friendship…

  4. I have all kinds of ugg boots, I will give the album to you !We are a big seller in China. I am a big seller on I OfferI also do long time business in the ebay.I have own factories and many suppiers .In China which can supply me many products. So I can supply the best products, best price, best service .we are looking forward to do good business with all my friends in the world.And I think I will be one of your best partner!

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