what shuld i do next?

I have been here in Malaysia, pursuing my Master degree for about 1.5 years. Sometimes i dont realize if time run so fast here, 20/4 instead of 24/7. Malaysia is known as Truly Asia since there are 3 major ethnics here, Malaysian, Chinese and Indian. No wonder we have many holidays compare to my country, Indonesia. Every religion’s celebration or ceremony or sultan’s birthday, our campus moves to The Jusco mall, Ipoh or Tesco. They offer discount up to 70%! Nevertheless, i too enjoy the break and forget about my thesis revision. Poor me..

So, what shuld i do then?

here are my today agenda :

  1. Do review and alter some text of my thesis
  2. Do Yoga – relieve any stress and give spirit
  3. Call mommy to say Happy mother’s day Mama!!
  4. Tidy up my table

Hope today is better than yesterday!

Good morning everyone.. πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “what shuld i do next?

  1. it’s so sad.But don’t worry i’ve some solutions for you sister :looking for something new,go to the places you have never visited,listening to music , watching TV, or chatting with your friends.

  2. yoga, salah satu keinginan yang belum kesmapaian
    kayaknya damai bgt dh, keliatannya siy, pernah nyoba tapi baru merem, eh dah mikirin yg aneh2 kekekekkk

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