i missed them so much..

I only want to see a smile from my family’s lips every time i go back to Jakarta. Smiles that i miss so much these days.. I want to make they proud to have me in our family.

dory fish fans

dory fish fans

we're cute!

we're cute!

we’ll surely have another nice dinner next month sista!

The only grandma at JKT that i have and siblings cousins :

Love you dede!

Love you dede!

..and i  miss my other half so much..

welcome to Malaysia!

welcome to Malaysia!

See you again my dear..


6 thoughts on “i missed them so much..

  1. Chikal : Amiinnn…
    Mba Aisha : Thank you, mba! yes, i wont stop..
    Genial : masih ada tapi jauh kudu naek pesawat..
    Phitri : yoi.. biar giginya kuat! 😀

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